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Northfield Rotary Club meets each Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. at the American Legion. Each meeting features a guest speaker and provides time to chat with others who live and work in and around Northfield.

Through its dues and fundraising efforts, the Rotary Club of Northfield during the past 10 years has contributed $150,000 to a variety of local, national and international charities.

Recipients in the Central Vermont region have included the Brown Public Library, Center Vermont Home Health and Hospice, CERV, the Boys and Girls Club and the Roxbury School District.

Globally, the club has made direct contributions to several health and education programs, such as the safe drinking water project in Ghana, Guatemala and Honduras.  Since the 1980's, the Northfield Rotarians have made an annual donation to the Puerto Plata Orphanage in the Dominican Republic.

Northfield Rotarians include a broad spectrum of business owners, nonprofit directors and other community leaders.  The only requirements for membership are a commitment to Rotary's principles, a willingness to attend Club meetings and events, and an ability to share in the Club's philanthropic giving.